Everyone is after the Full Grown Asian Arowana

Believe it or not, a full grown Asian arowana is worth $300,000. In fact, a lot of Chinese tycoons are willing to pay a large amount of money just to eat them. Are they really that delicious? They are sought after too as 4 thefts were reported in Singapore even if that country has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. That would come as a shocking news and it would come as no surprise if it would be punched onto the headlines of the newspapers in that country. The people living there would not want that to be known to other countries though so they could still keep the reputation of Singapore as a country with a low crime rate so tourists would want to go there. That may be the case but the cost of living there is pretty high but the tourist spots are nice. It is no secret a lot of people want to get their hands on this fish. It is not a normal fish dinner for them if they are looking to eat it. Some are looking to sell it again because they know how much it costs.