About Us

The Asian arowana is a fish known for its length and big eyes. Its other qualities differ because it also has different species. There are some of them that cost less as when they are transferred, heavy security is widely expected.

There was even a pet store owner in Malaysia who was brutally hacked just because he refused to give the fish away to a thief and you can't blame him. There is a belief that some of these fishes would actually give their lives for the benefit of their owners. It is not known how they will do that but some would actually jump from their aquarium and save the life of their owner in case a gun was pointed at him. However, the fish can't possibly save the owner if he has a terminal disease right? Some would say that the fish would die first but the owner would live on since they are both living animals anyway. It would be great if there was a movie made where all the main characters would go after the Asian arowana because of how much it is worth.