It is known as the dragon fish in Chinese culture and can reach the length of the samurai sword when it grows up. Chinese beliefs are pretty common and some believe the fish will bring good luck to its owner which is why a lot of people have it in their homes. They would not mind spending a lot purchasing it as well as keeping it healthy by feeding it food. There is a law that prohibits the fish to be brought into the United States as a pet. This would not stop some people from illegally doing it since they know what is best for business. There are so many fish fans out there after all.


There are surprisingly just as many as those who love dogs and cats. People who illegally bring the fish into the United States often end up going to jail though and you never know if they regret doing what they did because they ended up behind bars because of it. It is not known if bail can be posted for those who illegally transacted fish into the country. It is possible they did not know about the law so their lawyer can tell that to the jury in court. The smuggler who illegally brought fish into the States also wound up in a jail that was the same place where some of the country’s most dangerous criminals were also being held captive. You can only imagine his reaction once he found out that was where he was going.


All the criminals there will end up bullying him until he would beg to be released but he had no choice but to stay there for a long time. Some thieves have no regard for other people as one thief even attacked an old lady just to take her arowana away from her. That is something he is going to regret for a long time.